About Me

My name is Jehann Mark O. Sancio. I am currently studying in George Brown in Toronto to be a chef. The reason why I want to be a chef is because I want to know about food. I think that culinary is a very interesting art form. I want to figure out how people could gather individual ingredients and are able to concoct new dishes. I want to know which ingredients work with each other in order to create a flavorful meal. I also have a desire to try and merge different culinary styles to create something new. I currently am not working in the industry, but I am planning to get a job in a restaurant after some time in college. My philosophy on cooking is to keep calm, follow the recipe and be as efficient as possible. I know that cooking is serious, which means that I am careful with what I do in the kitchen and I try to be fully aware of my surroundings in order to prevent harming myself and the people around me. What I hope to gain from studying in George Brown is to know the fundamentals of the kitchen, be able to know different ingredients by memory, and to hone my knife skills.


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