Eggs and I: making soft-boiled eggs

The kind of egg that I will make is soft-boiled egg. This is the same as making hard-boiled egg, except that the yolk is still runny on the inside. The way to cook this kind of egg is at high heat and for a short time. you have to make sure that the egg white is set, but the yolk inside has to still be runny; if the yolk is firm, then it would be a hard-boiled egg. This is how I made my soft-boiled eggs:

1. Get 2 whole eggs; I made sure I get the oldest eggs I had by checking their best before dates because they are good for boiling. considering considering I only had white eggs, I chose those for boiling


2. Place the eggs in a small pot with enough cold water to cover them. Bring the eggs to a boil at high heat for at least 3 minutes or less:


3. Bring them out of heat and rinse them with cold water to cool:


4. When eggs are cool enough, peel off shell. enjoy.

Considering the quantity of eggs that I made, using this method with 50 or more eggs is possible; then again, with that amount of eggs, they should be boiled in a large pot and in at least 3 minutes or more.

This is a picture of the finished product:


Since I made this close to dinner time, I will eat my egg with rice and the braised pork roast that my father made; the other egg I boiled will eat for breakfast the following day:



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