Choice cuts

The butcher shop that I went to is the healthy butcher:


I was going through the choice cuts until one caught my eye; the skirt steak:

2015-02-01 20.01.07

According to the butcher, it is from the plate part of the cow; the plate is between the brisket and flank, which is also below the ribs. This cut is thinner than other steaks and is valued by taste other than tenderness. He also said that this type of cut is mostly seared and used for dishes such as fajitas. Considering that it is $15.99 per pound and that it was aged for 21 days, I expect it to taste good.

Upon further research of the cut, I learned that there are two kinds of short steaks; the inside and outside skirt. Apparently, the inside skirt is more desirable because it contains less membrane from the diaphragm, meaning that it is more tender than the outside skirt. I also learned that it should be cooked to medium—any more then it gets tough. This cut also responds well to marinating due to its loose texture and rich flavour

The next day, I searched for a recipe that goes with the skirt steak. I found the recipe on a book by Mark Bittman:


The recipe that I found was a grilled skirt steak with sauce au Chien. This recipe calls for grilling the skirt steak while seasoning both sides, and serve it with the sauce on the side.

How I would prepare it is to marinate it in a liquid that consists of vegetable oil, soy sauce, cumin, lime juice, and garlic for an hour or more. I would then grill it in a crosshatch pattern and cut it into thin strips. I would then serve it with red pepper, and carrot strips and romaine lettuce wrapped in a fajita that is grilled lightly. I would charge at least $5.00 per fajita and considering that it is easy to do, it would be effective in a fast-paced restaurant, given that the meat has been marinating for several hours or so. I would also recommend this to anyone who wants a good meal during a special event, given that you have enough money to buy the steak.


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