One type of food that I haven’t tasted before is ratatouille. I have heard of the movie and dish, but haven’t really tasted it yet. I was surprised about the version that I have tasted because it consisted only of vegetables. Granted, I made this one since it is a part of what I have to do in chef school, but it is still surprising to me on how it tastes and smells. It smells like pizza, which somewhat makes sense considering it has tomato juice. What is also inside is onion, eggplant, 2 kinds of zucchini (yellow and green) and red pepper. It looks like small slices of vegetables with orange sauce. Its taste is sweet and similar to pizza, for some reason. I only taste the vegetables for a short while, but the tomato juice and red pepper it what I mostly taste and the tastes both linger after a while.

What I learned about my palate is that I need to develop it some more because I cannot really distinguish tastes all that well. Ratatouille is good and would like to try it again in the future, probably make more of it when I get the chance. The taste and texture is fine, but I do not know how to further improve it; maybe I should season it more. What I will try again in the future is to try and find new foods to try to further learn about various combinations.


About Me

My name is Jehann Mark O. Sancio. I am currently studying in George Brown in Toronto to be a chef. The reason why I want to be a chef is because I want to know about food. I think that culinary is a very interesting art form. I want to figure out how people could gather individual ingredients and are able to concoct new dishes. I want to know which ingredients work with each other in order to create a flavorful meal. I also have a desire to try and merge different culinary styles to create something new. I currently am not working in the industry, but I am planning to get a job in a restaurant after some time in college. My philosophy on cooking is to keep calm, follow the recipe and be as efficient as possible. I know that cooking is serious, which means that I am careful with what I do in the kitchen and I try to be fully aware of my surroundings in order to prevent harming myself and the people around me. What I hope to gain from studying in George Brown is to know the fundamentals of the kitchen, be able to know different ingredients by memory, and to hone my knife skills.